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Workshops conducted by local resource persons to enliven the spirit of the rural & folk culture is the heart of all our activities. It has been part and parcel of our system to develop skills and to nurture the ‘human’ side of student growth and development. The learning in the workshops breaks the monotony of the regular classroom teaching and the skills learnt there are of great help in their academics. The ‘group learning & living’ here develops a sense of community and oneness. They mainly get to know about yakshagana, folk dance, traditional song, folk song, hase, puppetry, theatre, rangavalli, jogira aata, kolata…….etc.

It is our effort to mix up technology with culture that has resulted in the development of well rounded personality of our students. There are eminent scientists and professors and achievers in the various fields of science who come and enlighten and guide our students in the field of science. There will be talks, discussions and interactions on different topics of science. The creativity and innovative spirit imbibed in the cultural workshops lead them to probe into the reality of everyday science.