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Orientation Programmes

School teachers’ role in the emerging scenario is that of facilitators & motivators rather than mere providers of knowledge. A teacher who has a teacher’s degree from a teacher training college finds the classroom reality very different from what he/she has theoretically learnt. Hence to empower the teachers to fit to meet the needs of the day, we organize a number of interactive orientation sessions mainly on the psychological & emotional aspect of the children. Our institution has been putting efforts to transform an ordinary teacher as a GURU-one who is equipped with knowledge, skills and its execution in the right way.

Our institution is fortunate enough to get the help of great and innovative educators like Smt. Triveni from RIE Mysore, Sri Kumaraswamy from DIET Mysore,Mr. Satheesh H.L. from RIE Mysore, Mr. I.K.Boluvar, a theatre person from Puttur, Mrs. Moloyashre Hashmi, a free lancer from New Delhi, Mr. Hariprasad from DIET Shivamogga, Mr. Vivekananda from ACT Bengaluru, Mr. Bandagadde Radhakrishna , an educationist from Bandagadde, Mr. Gururaj Karajagi from ACT Bengaluru, Dr. M.S.Murthy , an artist from Bengaluru, Mr. Gopadkar , an experimental educationist from Mangalore, Mr. Pushparaj & Mr. Krishnamurthy from Mangalore, Mrs. Sushma, a theatre person from Bengaluru, Mr. Devendra, a free lancer from Beleyuru, Mr. M.R.Nagaraju a renowned educationist educationist from Bengaluru…. They come, refresh our thoughts, sharpen the blunt edges and enlighten us with the changes around and help us to generate new energy .