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Green Page

It is an eco club in the school which commits itself to promote healthy habits among children, to create an awareness about energy saving and to develop sensibility towards protecting the environment. It works in association with SWAN & MAN, an NGO which commits to promote bio diversity and in particular urge people to plant saplings. The NGO based in Sagar is making serious efforts to educate the local communities on the importance of the endangered species of mammals and birds.

With the help of SWAN & MAN , our eco club has planned to conduct the following programmes :

a. Planting different varieties of native saplings
b. Protecting the plants by watering and caring them
c. Developing a herbal park
d. Reducing waste at school practicing the “3Rs” of waste reduction – reduce, reuse and recycle
e. Providing safe drinking water for all in the campus
f. Proper maintenance of school vehicles to reduce diesel exhaustion
g. Leaning more about environment
h. Energy saving action at school and even at home