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Hongirana Community

Students from all over Karnataka state study at Hongirana residing in its residential set up. The day scholars come from the villages surrounding Sagar, Sorab and Hosanagar, at the radius of around 40 km. Most of the students hail from middle & lower middle class farming community and some of them are even first generation learners.

There is a band of committed faculty hailing from different parts of Karnataka and Kerala. The success of Hongirana depends on the meaningful teacher-pupil relationship. The well-qualified visionary faculty is the boon of Hongirana.

The supportive staff in the sections such as accounts, stores, kitchen, administration, transport and the resource persons are presenting their efficient and cordial service.

As every parent is equally responsible to build confidence in his/her child, there is regular interaction and involvement of parents in the school activities. They are welcomed to voluntarily lend their service in the day to day schedule and give their constructive suggestions for strengthening the school. It’s the strong triangular relationship of Parent-Child –Teacher that is doubling the growth of the institution.

The INSTITUTIONS have successfully produced quality resultsin II PUC and Class X from past years. The ALUMNI association is active since 4 years. The students who are in different, well-known technical and other colleges of the state gather in the premises of Hongirana once in a year and plan activities for their involvement in the on-goings of the institutions.