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At Hongirana

The classes at Hongirana are not confounded within four walls. Even before the introduction of CCE, the school has been following activity oriented methods. Students have been given their own space to develop. Now, anyway CCE emphasizes formative assessment, which made our ideology effective and strong. We use different learning practices such as projects, assignments, survey, field trips, role plays, skits, speeches, presentations, models, experiments, data collection & handling, contextual research, symposium, seminar, quiz, charts, open book tests, written tests. We consider written test as one of the tools of assessment. We encourage group work, pair work and peer group teaching. Hence the entire process of learning has made students adept to deal with stress and crisis.

Five batches of Class 10 students have already passed the Board exam getting 100% quality result. All these years the PU College has been considered one of the best 5 PU colleges in Shimoga district.