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Physics Lab
Discoveries made in science are done so through the process of experimentation. Knowledge in physics is gained through following the scientific method which includes doing experiments to prove a hypothesis.
Chemistry Lab
An experiment in a Chemistry lab has to be planned carefully. With utmost safety measures and following safety regulations, our Chemistry lab has been framed. There are two lecturers and two lab assistants, they carefully conduct the lab sessions by giving importance to each individual.
Biology Lab
The core content of Biology is focused on the use of life science principles as powerful conceptual tools to make sense of the complexity, diversity and interconnectedness of life on earth.
Computer Lab
We are having best , advanced, well maintained two computer labs with internet facility (WI-FI CAMPUS). One of them is having very good hardware and software configurations to facilitate the needs of students of higher classes.
Math Lab
Mathematics is the most feared subject due to various reasons. The teachers at Hongirana are trying that the teaching of Maths must result in the ‘mathematisation’ of the children’s thinking rather than packing children’s brains with mathematical content.