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As the year witnessed the DECENNIAL CELEBRATION, Hongiranotsava was celebrated for 4 days –  from December 27th to 30th.

It is an arena where all the children are given an opportunity to unveil their talent.  It is simply not a fest but also a platform to satiate the children’s hunger for knowledge in life- like atmosphere.  It is an effort to find newness not only in curricular activities but also in co-curricular activities.  It is the fruit of our yearlong effort of honing  the talent & capacity of the children.

KREEDOTSAVA, the first event of Hongiranotsava was inaugurated by Sri Mohammed Imam, a businessman and sports patron from Sagar.  The house wise sports and games competitions were conducted the whole day where the students of the entire school remained  either as participants  or as spectators and supporters.  In the Valedictory function at 4 pm, we had the opportunity to host the guests like Sri Abase Dineshkumar Joshi, Chartered Accountant and President of Dinesh Joshi Foundation, Bangalore, Sri K.G.Jagadish Wodeyar  and Sri R.S.Giri from Sagar.  Their talk was very inspiring and guiding.  All the drivers were felicitated for their honest service.  The prizes of the competitions were distributed.  After the formal programme, there was cultural evening presented by the tiny tots of primary section who rocked the stage.

VIGNANOTSAVA was celebrated on the second day to encourage the development of scientific  and rational thinking.  Students from  Sagar and Hosanagar  taluk participated in the competitions specially designed for the day.

The event was inaugurated by Sri S.V.Thimmaiah, Secretary, N E S, Shimoga and Sri Chipli Gopalakrishna Rao presided over the function.  The winners were given a trophy and cash prize in the Valedictory function by Prof. H.S.Ganeshmurthy, Principal,NationalResidentialSchool, Konanduru.  Sri K.S.Hegde, Senior Advocate presided over the function.

There was a variety cultural show in the evening.  The students ,in group, presented dance, drama, music and other cultural  items.

PARISAROTSAVA is a purely environmental concerned programme  which was organized on the third day.  Professor H.K.S. Swamy, an environmentalist, presented a beautiful demonstration of waste management based on Gandhi’s philosophy.   It was followed by Sri Hosabale Manjunatha Hegde’s Slide Show on bio-diversity.  Sri L T  Hegde, former MLA of Sagar presided over the programme.

The afternoon of 29th December,2012 witnessed a fantastic programme called Samskruthi Utsava which was inaugurated by a young entrepreneur and  social activist fromBangalore, Sri Suresh Rathod.  It was a programme conducted from 3 pm to 5.30 pm where the entire folk culture, traditional practices were presented and exhibited effectively by different group of students.

It is an event  organized  to break the barrier between teachers, parents and students.  It is the place where all mix up freely  and enjoy with a feeling of oneness..  Through fairs and santhe  and through the exhibition of local art treasure and mass displays in the open area, the spectators are tied to one another on a strong cultural band

There was a beautiful cultural evening after Samskruthi Utsava.
Vicharotsava tries to keep the bond between teachers and parents strong.  It helps the parents to understand the capacity of their children and even their interest.  The over enthusiast parents are pruned here by the talk of renowned and expert speakers on child psychology.  There will be discussions and serious thought process for the development  of the children both from parents and teachers.  It was conducted on 30th December,2012.  Mrs.Bharathi Singh, Co-Founder of Sa-mudra Foundation fromBangalore addressed the parents on the art of parentin g and Sri G.S.Natesh, Lecturer fromKasturbaCollege, Shimoga addressed the students on Kagga and Life Values.  They presented their talks after the paper presentation by the parents and students.

Varshikotsava was the last event during  Hongiranotsava.  It is the celebration of  the annual day.  Sri Kagodu Thimmappa,  ex-minister from Sagar was the Chief guest of the function.  Dr.R K Bhagwat, Chairman of the Governing Council presided over the function.  All the Heads of different sections presented their annual report.  A decennial report was read by Mrs. Shobha, Principal of Hongirana School Of Excellence.  Special prizes were distributed.  The masons, carpenters, mechanics, workers were felicitated.  The first batch parents were given memento as a token of gratitude for their co-operation in the initial years.

There was an attractive cultural show with yakshagana at the end as a mark of success and enjoyment.